Our paper titled “Towards xMOF: Executable DSMLs based on fUML” will be presented at the 12th Workshop on Domain-Specific Modeling at SPLASH/OOPSLA 2012 on Monday, October 22nd 2012.

This paper proposes to use fUML as a semantics specification language enabling to define the operational semantics of any executable domain-specific modeling language (DSML). The overall goal is to (semi-)automatically derive model execution tools such as debuggers and testing environments for a DSML from its semantics specification based on fUML.

We present our approach for using fUML as semantics specification language by integrating it with MOF into a framework we call xMOF (eXecutable MOF). xMOF merges MOF and fUML resulting in a metamodeling language capable of specifying the abstract syntax of a DSML using MOF constructs, as well as the operational semantics of a DSML by the means of fUML activities. Further, we show on an example how to specify the semantics of a DSML using fUML. To reuse existing runtime infrastructures, we also demonstrate our approach for enabling the usage of external libraries in fUML-based specifications.

Download the paper: ” Towards xMOF: Executable DSMLs based on fUML

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