We analyzed a set of 121 open UML models regarding the usage frequency of the sublanguages and modeling concepts provided by UML 2.4.1, as well as of UML profiles.

The analyzed models have been created with the UML modeling tool Enterprise Architect, and have been retrieved from the Web.

The following three research questions have been investigated in this study:

  1. What is the usage frequency of UML’s sublanguages?
  2. What is the usage frequency of UML’s modeling concepts?
  3. What is the usage frequency of UML profiles?

Information about the analyzed data set, the analysis process, as well as the results of the analysis are provided at: http://www.modelexecution.org/?page_id=982.

The paper titled On the Usage of UML: Initial Results of Analyzing Open UML Models was accepted for publication at the conference Modellierung 2014 which will take place in March at Vienna.

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