On Thursday, October 3rd 2013, we will give a tool demonstration of xMOF at MoDELS 2013. In this tool demonstration you will learn

  • how you can specify the behavioral semantics of your modeling languages with xMOF and
  • how you can execute your models according to this specification.

In the tool demonstration we will show you our tool support implemented for the Eclipse Modeling Framework based on a simple Petri Net modeling language. You can download an Eclipse bundle with xMOF readily installed as well as the used example at http://www.modelexecution.org/media/201309_xmofdemo_eclipsebundle.

The following tutorial video provides you a step-by-step guide for specifying the semantics of the Petri Net modeling language and for executing a simple Petri Net model: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2y1-xpfK-_Q

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